EA Select is a highly focused membership website for senior executives ($200K + or equivalent). It enables members to engage with the hidden and unadvertised jobs market - to explore new opportunities, confidentially, without risking their current job or devaluing their personal brand.
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  • Job listings edited to focus on CEO, CXO, VP, Managing Director, Director level positions.
  • Customized resume distribution direct to relevant executive search professionals.
  • Professionally written, full-page career profiles - confidentiality maintained at all times (ideal for passive job seekers)
  • Extensive international database of executive search firms handling $150K+ roles.
  • Searchable databases and other tools to support a job search or for general business use.


  • Free access to senior executives open to hearing about new opportunities
  • A highly focused pool of executive talent ($200K+).
  • Unlimited and free of charge, one-on-one communication direct with executive members.
  • Free job postings and/or post free messages to the group.
  • Unlimited access to full-page executive profiles, professionally written, formatted for consistency and easy assimilation.