EA Select is a highly focused membership website which connects senior executives with talent seekers, nationally or internationally - reducing the search time for both parties. It is entirely focused on executive levels $150K and above (£90K or equivalent).
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  • We do the work to save you time.
  • We write a full page, high impact, career profile to best promote your talents and achievements - while maintaining your confidentiality.
  • We provide you with research tools - a large international databases of executive search firms, another of private equity and VCs - and job listings edited to focus only on those relevant to our members.
  • We will run a CV/resume distribution for you - to a customized list of professionals selected as appropriate from our proprietary sources of top talent seekers, you can tell us who you do not wish to contact.
  • Your anonymous profile, once approved by you, is uploaded to our searchable database of member profiles - available 24/7 to registered talent seekers, and held in a password protected area of the site.


  • Free and unlimited access to a highly focused pool of senior executive talent $150K+ or £90+ or equivalent).
  • Free and unlimited one-on-one communication direct with executive members.
  • Free job postings and/or post messages to the group.
  • Full-page executive profiles, professionally written for consistency and easy assimilation of key information.