EA Select is a highly focused membership website for senior executives ($200K + or equivalent). It enables members to engage with the hidden and unadvertised jobs market - to explore new opportunities, confidentially, without risking their current job or devaluing their personal brand.
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  • Constantly updated job listings optimized for you, the senior executive.
  • Unlike any other program we actively market you - always to relevant talent seekers and always protecting your confidentiality.
  • We do the writing for you to create a professional, high impact career profile that displays your talent, achievements and experience, but not your identity.
  • One-on-one confidential networking with other members
  • And searchable databases to support your job search or for your general business use.


  • Free access to top talent who are not necessarily actively searching but open to hearing about new opportunities
  • Free job listings and ability to post free messages seeking, say, suggestions for candidates for hard-to-fill positions.
  • Unlimited one-on-one communication direct with executive members.
  • A focus on the higher paid executives only to provide a database of manageable size.
  • Confidentiality of profiles enables you to approach executives who would not otherwise display their information on the Internet