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How do we send out profiles to talent seekers?

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  • EA Select is a private membership website created to promote the career interests of senior executives earning $200k or more.
  • Uniquely, we reach out to relevant talent seekers by email, including a brief confidential executive profile, to alert them to your potential availability.
  • Communicate with executive search professionals directly and reach out to other members one-on-one without revealing your identity (unless you wish to).
  • Your profile is available 24/7 for review by our registered users - top executive search firms (headhunters), private equity firms, and corporations from around the world - and they contact you directly.
  • You benefit from our experience gained over twelve years marketing top executives via our sister company, Executive Advisors.
  • Membership is selective, to ensure the highest concentration of senior executive talent on the Internet.
  • You benefit from a professionally written career profile that highlights your experience, achievements and value proposition, while at the same time protecting your confidentiality.
  • With EA Select you will not devalue your personal brand through over-exposure, or risk your current job while seeking your next.
  • Members enjoy a customized marketing package that leverages the power of the Internet to deliver incredible value.
  • Because we charge no fees to talent seekers we remove any obstacle to them registering with us and connecting with you.

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